They Are My kids

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“They are My Kids!” is sometimes vocally expressed, sometimes not expressed, and is  ALWAYS in the heart of parents worldwide.

A Few Voices Are Easily Ignored. 

Many Voices United Get Results.

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They Are My Kids!™ is a resource for parents and grandparents to have questions answered, community created, and priorities directed to protect your children, and create a better future for your kids. Be the leader in the development of the lives of your children. Read the “Context” document.

The current education system does not work. Today’s most significant internal threat to the continued success of families and our country are the forces controlling our government-run public school system. These institutions have become indoctrination centers that many times operate counter to what parents want for their kids. While most individual teachers care significantly for their students and want their students to receive a quality education, research shows that those teachers are intimidated by their union leadership to stand up for their beliefs.

The challenge is to wake up American parents to become involved in their children’s education, stand for educational freedom, and to have a say where their tax dollars get spent. Research shows parents want their tax dollars to be directed to the educational institution that best educates their children.

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Get ongoing updates about stories that are relevant to transforming education in America.  We will be putting together articles and information that parents and grandparents can use to affect change and increase personal knowledge.

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There are many ways to contribute to this movement. To accomplish our mission and to support parents, we ask for contributions from people like you who believe in changing the direction of your kids’ education.

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They are My Kids is a program of Futures Fulfilled Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the Extent of the Law.

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