They Are My kids


The UNITED PARENTS SUPPORT NETWORK believes, “A Few Voices Are Easily Ignored. Many Voices United Get Results.” The only way to be recognized is with a united front. United as a group will get attention. 

They Are My Kids!is a program under a nonprofit organization called FUTURES FULFILLED, INC.  The nonprofit organization was formed to advocate for parents and children in the education of the children. Recent year and current events have identified the need for parents to have a greater say in the education of their children. A future program under Futures Fulfilled will be ReadiKids, which is designed to prepare children for both school and life.

They Are My Kids! is also a movement supported by parents and other nonprofit organizations with the intention of causing parents and children to direct the education of their children both inline with the parents goals on how their children are to be raised and to insure the money provided for the child’s education is directed by the parents.  Parents are the leaders in their children’s lives.

There are many nonprofit organizations and parent groups that are doing similar programs and initiatives. It is clear that there are many good programs that can move in the same direction as They Are My Kids!

That is why the UNITED PARENTS SUPPORT NETWORK was founded and Futures Fulfilled is a founding member of that organization. The UNITED PARENTS SUPPORT NETWORK is a cooperative made up of like minded organizations moving along the same path who are aligned with the general direction of They Are My Kids!

What is also clear is that individually these organizations cannot gain the traction needed to create a movement to cause change to occur. However, banded together, they can have a voice to cause change while still promoting and causing change with their own programs in their own communities.

As stated on their website, “Unity is Power and Cannot Be Underestimated.  If you want to make a difference, you cannot break through the clutter alone. Together we are POWERFUL!

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