They Are My kids


The UNITED PARENTS SUPPORT NETWORK believes, “A Few Voices Are Easily Ignored. Many Voices United Get Results.” The only way to be recognized is with a united front. United as a group will get attention. 

The UNITED PARENTS SUPPORT NETWORK is a program through Futures Fulfilled, a nonprofit organization, that is pulling together other nonprofit organizations and interested parents and parent groups to learn how to maximize the strength of a united voice in causing a transformation in the support and education of children in our country. By adding your name to the group, you will be joining, sharing, and learning how you can make a difference in the educational structure.

The mission of Futures Fulfilled, a nonprofit organization that has They Are My Kids! programs supporting the belief “that parents are the primary advocates for their children’s well-being and should be an integral part of their learning experiences.” We enable parents to stand firm in supporting their rights to choose how they want their children to be educated.

FUTURES FULFILLED is helping communities of parents present a united front for their children’s education and future by supporting Freedom Within Education.

By aligning parents and nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing the best education for kids under a message of They Are My Kids!, our voice is both stronger and more effective.

For more information as to how we can assist you or to join our movement, please click HERE and send us a note.