They Are My kids

We are parents and grandparents of the young citizens of the United States of America.

The primary parental instinct of parents is to protect and nourish their new child. As a parent, you have a moral right and legal right to control how your kids are raised, educated and what values, ethics, and religion they are taught.

Parents nationwide are realizing that government-run schools and even a few private schools are not schools at all. Instead, their mission is not to teach our children but to indoctrinate them with ways of thinking and acting that are completely counter to those of their parents. As a result, children are being brainwashed to hate our country, hate their parents, hate each other, and in many cases, hate themselves.

Many parents across the country are boldly standing up and speaking out. Yet their voices are ignored because of the powerful teachers’ unions, some technology companies, and powerful individuals using our kids as pawns to exert their control over our lives, our children’s future, and the future of our society.

Today, “They Are My Kids!™ ” is no longer an internal or emotional sentiment but a bold statement and an expression proclaimed by motivated parents to reclaim their rights to direct their kids’ education.

They Are My Kids!™” exists to advocate for each parent to combine their efforts and desires with other parents to create a strong, well-funded, powerful voice designed to reclaim the control of their kid’s education and our society’s future.

Join the advocate movement today and become part of the solution!